This Summer, Learn About Computer Science at MiBytes

MiBytes is a series of computer science summer camps for high school students run by the University of Michigan. Four camps are offered and cover mobile app development, game design and development, and a course on building and hacking. MiBytes is a great way for students to learn about computer science in a fun and engaging way!

camp instructor Jeff Ringenberg assists students at a computer



Is there a mobile app that you’ve always wished existed? Want to get a start in game design? Then MiBytes is the summer camp for you! Computer science is integral to every aspect of our lives – from using a computer, to playing with apps on our smartphones, to launching a rocket into space. The world would be so different without computer science and engineering. Enrich your summer by attending the MiBytes computer science summer camp for high school students.

Why Attend MiBytes Computer Camps?

MiBytes is offered by the University of Michigan’s Computer Science and Engineering Division. As a MiBytes camper, you will have the opportunity to attend classes taught by UM faculty and to interact with UM computer science undergraduate students. The undergraduates can answer questions about computer science and about life as a college student. MiBytes campers will tour UM’s engineering campus and meet professionals who will share what it is really like to work in the high-tech industry.

Computer science is so much more than just programming. Students can sharpen their critical thinking and problem solving skills, learn to work collaboratively, and practice communicating their ideas effectively. All these skills are critical for any career path a student ultimately chooses to pursue.

MiBytes Computer Camps